Letter to the Editor

Action needed on Harwood chicken house permit


To the editor:
You ran an advertisement in your Feb. 15 edition which I would like to address.
It is an application asking for permission to build chicken houses to accommodate 5,000,000 (5 million) laying hens. These houses are to be located at the intersection of Interstate 10 and FM 794 in the small town of Harwood in Gonzales County.
The residents of Harwood are asking for a public hearing to voice concerns. Some of the information is not correct.
I am including one of the leaflets I have been passing out to anyone who will listen.

Frances DeChane

Editor’s note: Below is the information from the leaflet
Can you spare 5 minutes for Harwood?
Call to Action:

  • A notice of concentrated animal feeding application permit appeared in the Gonzales Inquirer on Feb. 15
  • The owner/developer wants to put chicken houses on the cleared property at IH10 and FM 794.
  • The permit is for 5 million laying hens.

We need to have a public meeting on this issue. Please go to the website listed below, voice your concern and ask for a public meeting.
Some possible concerns: decreased property values, smell, flies, truck traffic, water supply, waste management.
The link/web address is http://www14.tceq.texas.gov/epic/eComment/. Enter the permit # TXG921485 to submit your comments.
Take action today.
Questions, call Fran at 586-943-6408.