Letter to the Editor

Alternative to tearing down Confederate statue


After reading Donald Hoffman's op-ed, as his former student, I feel the need to give my perspective. Mr. Hoffman's sentiments run deep concerning the civil war and the confederacy. So much so that we spent a whole semester studying it in his American History class.
Whenever a situation arises that involves our ancestors we are ingrained to take it very serious and personal. The fact that your Great-Grandfather was not a slave owner is admirable, but he still followed his convictions and enlisted. Maybe he was defending his beliefs in states’ rights or defending the rights of others to own slaves. In the end the Confederacy was on the wrong side of history.
The trend that we are witnessing with the removal of confederate statues throughout the country,
is an ongoing process of our nation’s healing. One more layer of a scab being peeled off in order for wounds to heal.
My alternative for the confederate statue in Gonzales is to relocate it to a more proper location. Perhaps a confederate cemetery, or the Odd Fellows Cemetery, or the Masonic Cemetery where Confederate veterans may lay. Let's place it where eulogies and headstones belong.
On a personal level, thank you Mr. Hoffman for instilling in me a passion for history. You did your job well as an educator. But as in the classroom of decades ago, we find ourselves again at the opposite end of this debate.

Respectfully submitted,
Ramon Benavidez
Nixon High School Alumnus
Class of 1969