Apaches’ basketball, volleyball districts unchanged after Poteet’s appeal denied


Gonzales’ district for basketball and volleyball looks to be unchanged after Poteet’s appeal to move from District 30-4A to District 29-4A was denied by the District Assignment Appeals Committee of the University Interscholastic League (UIL).

Poteet was placed with the Apaches to form a seven-team district with Pleasanton, Cuero, Geronimo Navarro, La Vernia and San Antonio Brooks in basketball and volleyball for 2018-20.

In a report by the Pleasanton Express’ Stephen Garcia (which you can read at https://www.pleasantonexpress.com/articles/local-teams-learn-uil-realignment-fate/), Poteet Athletic Director Doug Foster was “very surprised” with the placement.

“In the original drawing, I think Somerset was involved in [29-4A],” Foster told the Pleasanton Express. “Then when Somerset had to move up [to 5A] because they counted those extra children, they didn’t go back and re-district it. When I saw that, I pretty much understood exactly what they did. I just think that they probably could have come back and redone it so that both districts have six schools. And then we could stay with our football district, which helps match up our volleyball.”

Currently, District 29-4A holds Carrizo Springs, Crystal City, Devine, Hondo and Pearsall for basketball and volleyball. All five schools are in District 14-4A2 with Poteet for football.

On Feb. 20, the UIL published a press release announcing the decisions made after hearing 10 appeals regarding reclassification and realignment. Poteet was one of eight schools to have their appealed denied by the appeals committee.

If no further action is taken, the Poteet will remain in the seven-team district with the Gonzales Apaches and Pleasanton, Cuero, Geronimo Navarro, La Vernia and SA Brooks in basketball and volleyball for 2018-20.