Ballot by mail applications due soon


Voting by mail is one of the most convenient forms of voting for elderly persons says officials at the Gonzales County Clerk's Office. They would like to remind those over 65 and others that may be out of the area on any given election period that applications to vote by mail in the June 30 special election will be due soon.

It works just like regular election day voting, with a ballot like you'd see in a voting booth. The only qualifier being the extra steps of filling out a ballot request form and then the process of sending it back to the clerk's office in a specially sealed envelope.

To receive a ballot by mail application, a request will need to be made with the county clerk. Once requested, an official can walk you through the application process and even send you a highlighted application noting all of the important fields that need to be completed.

Ballots by mail may be requested by a voter over the age of 65, or by a voter that expects to be absent from Gonzales County through early voting and the election day, or be in jail. For those over 65, an application can be convenient because it will allow the voter to receive up to five election ballots per year that include city and school board elections.

For primary elections, an applicant must select which political party they intend to vote in or the application will not be valid.

Applications may be submitted in person, via mail, fax, common contract carrier, or email. In-person applications can only be hand delivered before the start of early voting, after which they will need to be mailed. You may also email a scanned image of the application to the county clerk. The final deadline to have an application into the Gonzales office is June 18 for the upcoming congressional special election, although applications may be submitted year round.

To request a ballot by mail application, contact the Gonzales County Clerk's Office at 830-672-2801 and ask for the election's office.