Be aware of parking, street closures


GONZALES — With the big tops set up on confederate square it is pretty obvious — Come and Take It is about to happen, in a big way. This year's annual Come and Take It Celebration will be Friday, Oct. 6, through Sunday, Oct. 8.

Much of the set-up is already underway. Besides the tents, the restrooms are in place and the food stalls are being erected.

The tent on the St. Paul Street side of Confederate Square will be home to numerous food and beverage vendors. The tent on the St. Joseph Street side of the square will be home to the Biergarten.

Today, over on Texas Heroes Square, Pride of Texas Shows will begin set up of the Come and Take It Carnival. There will be no parking on or around this square through Come and Take It weekend.

Back over on Confederate Square all vehicles will need to clear out no later than 5 p.m., on Thursday, so the famous Come And Take It stage can be moved in and set up.

Weekend street closures:

Closures 8 a.m. Friday through 6 p.m. Sunday are: St. George Street, between St Joseph and St. Paul; St. Paul Street, between St. George and St. Louis; St. Paul Parking Lot in front of Methodist and Baptist churches; St. Joseph, between St. Lawrence; and, St. Louis; St. Lawrence, between St. Joseph and St. Paul. All vehicles will need to be moved by 8 a.m. Friday.

Closures 6 p.m. Friday through 6 p.m. Sunday are: St. George, between St. James and St. Paul; St. Joseph, between St; Louis and St. Francis; St. Lawrence, between St. James and St. Paul; St; James, between St. louis and St. St. Lawrence; and, St. Paul, between St. Louis and St. Francis. All vehicles will need to be moved by 5 p.m. Friday.

Any questions or concerns may be directed to the Gonzales Chamber of Commerce at 830-672-6532.