Beer profits will help benefit Project 2030


If a community event can be fun, entertaining and exciting, how much better would it be if that event could raise money to benefit the children of Gonzales?

That is the question that the Gonzales Inquirer’s Publisher Terry Fitzwater asked himself one day while meeting with Bob Burchard.

“Why not create a scholarship fund for kids,” Burchard mused. “Let’s say a student starts school in Gonzales this year and then goes on to graduate from here in the year 2030. Why not create a fund to help pay for tuition if they attend Victoria College here in Gonzales?” he mused.

It took Fitzwater only a millisecond to jump on the idea.

“As soon as Bob posed the question, a light bulb went off in my head and I immediately and enthusiastically jumped all over the idea,” Fitzwater stated. “Bob and I brainstormed for a few minutes, came up with a goal and a plan, and Project 2030 was born. I told Bob I would carry the mail on this worthy endeavor, and would get in touch with the powers that be at Victoria College.”

Fitzwater immediately contacted Victoria College and met with Jackie Mikesh of Victoria College’s Gonzales Center and Amy Mundy from the Victoria College Foundation. Both listened to the idea and immediately liked the potential to raise scholarship funds and hopefully someday endow the fund.”

“Whatever net profits we make from the event will go to the College, minus a little seed money for next year’s event,” Fitzwater said. “It is a worthy challenge we are undertaking in trying to guarantee the education of our children and grandchildren. So please buy tickets to the Shiner beer tent, drink up, have fun and take satisfaction in the knowledge that you are helping the future of our children and community at the same time.”