Beware of ‘convoys’



My subject is the unintended vehicle “convoy” on dual lane highways. You can experience it anywhere; a vehicle traveling 55 or 60 mph on a 70 mph zoned highway (now, it is perfectly correct for a driver to drive at a speed comfortable to the driver) in followed by another that closes up but won’t pass and a line builds; a dangerous situation is building as cars line up without leaving space between them. It is just about inevitable that someone in a hurry will try to pass the whole bunch! He/she will have to hit 90 mpg for any margin of time to get past but if an approaching vehicle slows up he will have to force the way into the right line to avoid a head-on collision so one of the bunched “convoy” will have to give way or be pushed over on the right shoulder, possibly into a guardrail. If you have traveled highly 90-A to Shiner or 304 to Bastrop you may have witnessed this.

A reminder to be considerate and beware of “convoys.” If you can’t pass the vehicle in front (fearful to speed up when an opening occurs, etc.) then back off and leave a space for someone to pass you, although in my book it is more safe to hit 85 mph in a clear passing space than staying in line-up “convoys.”

David Cole