Charity should not lead to personal reward


Accepting charity as compassion for others, most everyone is willing to help those seen to be in need. But our willingness can leave us vulnerable to misdirection. Whereas homegrown charity, one-on-one, is so genuine, there so many other appeals that may not be true charity.

Charity solicitation has become an industry itself; we are bombarded by mail and electronic media. How do we respond when we receive coins or gifts with an appeal knowing that much of the “charity” will end up as PR costs? And of course, contributions are tax deductible.

We know that any amount of charity cannot make a dent in poverty and need around our vastly populated planet; the reality in that tax-deductible contributions should be limited to poverty within the United States of America where there is plenty of need. Giant corporations yearly write-off deductions for charity (or bribes) in foreign countries. That should be stopped. Perhaps the whole idea of charitable tax deductions should be stopped. After all, charity is from the heart, one to another; giving to the needy should not be accompanied by a personal reward of tax deductions. That makes a falsehood as practiced.

David Cole