City of Gonzales to extend Public Health Emergency Declaration


GONZALES – The City of Gonzales City Council has voted to extend and modify the Declaration of Public Health Emergency put into action on March 15, 2020 by City of Gonzales Mayor, Connie Kacir.

Following the recommendations of the Center for Disease Control (CDC), trusted health professionals and the lead set forth by the Office of the Governor, a public health emergency was declared for Gonzales in an effort to mitigate the risks of infection and spread of COVID-19, now a global pandemic. With a proactive strategy in place that includes implementing significant measures pertaining to public spaces and mass gatherings, the City Council and City leadership hopes to “flatten the curve” and protect its citizenry.

The City Council unanimously voted on extending the declaration with the following new modifications:

  • The declaration will now expire April 9, 2020 — unless City Council decides to schedule a called meeting prior to then and vote on new measures in the midst of this rapidly-changing health crisis
  • Mass gatherings are limited to no more than 50 people. Worship services are exempt from this mandate but are strongly suggested to practice the recommended social distancing of 6 feet 
  • City parks are open to the public with the exception of all playscapes and the Splash Pad 
  • The Gonzales Independence Golf Course will be open to members with strong suggestions to practice social distancing of 6 feet. The Golf Course Clubhouse will not be open to the public 
  • City buildings will remain closed to the public until further notice, with the exception of the City Hall drive-thru for utility bill payments 
  • A 30-day extension will be granted for all City of Gonzales utility users on payments that were due March 10, 2020. The extension will expire on April 10, 2020. Extension and late fees will be waived during this time 
  • All scheduled meetings for the City of Gonzales Advisory Boards and Commissions are asked to postpone until April 9, 2020 
  • The City Council’s decision limiting the number allowed for mass gatherings to fifty (50) persons in compliance with the CDC’s recommendation creates school closures. On March 16, 2020, the Gonzales Independent School District made the decision to extend Spring Break until March 27, 2020. Mayor Kacir will be meeting with the GISD in the coming days to reassess and evaluate campus closures. A special called meeting of the Council will be scheduled to address any areas of concern. City Council and the GISD pledge to work together and in the best interest of health and safety for our students, faculty and community. The Council recognizes and deeply appreciates GISD’s dedication to uphold the covenants of the emergency declaration.

As the situation evolves, the City Council and City leadership will continue to assess new data and recommendations from State officials and health professionals and make any necessary adjustments to the declaration.

Though these are not easy decisions to make, the City of Gonzales is working diligently to act in the best interest of its citizens. Upholding these measures and adhering to the restrictions as closely as possible will best position the community to reach the recovery side of this public health crisis sooner.