Clerk's Office: ballots have arrived


The Gonzales County Clerk’s Office received ballots for the Nov. 3 election on Wednesday, Sept. 30 after they were delayed by legal actions concerning parties of the election.

In appellate court, three Green Party candidates were put back on the ballot after candidates from the Democratic Party asked that they be removed for not paying filing fees, making them ineligible. An appellate and district court judge originally declared that these Green Party candidates be removed, but this declaration was reversed, and the Texas Secretary of State is taking measures to ensure that these candidates appear on the ballot. This has caused some delays in distribution of requested and sample ballots.

Races which have had Green Party candidates added back are: Railroad Commissioner, U.S. Senate and the 21st Congressional District.  

In Gonzales County, the Nov. 3 election is the first in which the combination of municipal and school board elections are being conducted by the Gonzales County Clerks Office and Voter Registrar. Due to the way districts are laid out and overlapped, there are a total of 30 different ballot styles which have been created for the election.