Colby Cox signs with Texas Lutheran


GONZALES — After penning his name to paper, Colby Cox officially made his intentions clear, becoming the fifth Apache of the Class of 2018 to sign their letter of intent to college.

The ultimate teammate, Cox preferred to have his ceremony within the confines of the Apache Fieldhouse and weight room, announcing to his fellow seniors he’d be continuing his football playing days with Texas Lutheran University in Seguin.

“These are all my brothers, it’s been a big Apache family,” Cox said. “I wanted to end my Apache career with all of them around me.”

“Whenever we were talking on Friday, whenever we knew this was going to happen, instead of doing something in the gym, he wanted to do something down here with his athletic teammates, boys and girls seniors, and his team,” Gonzales Athletic Director Kodi Crane said. “I think that’s pretty special. That’s him showing this means a lot.”

A three-year starter, Cox commanded the field in the secondary, with superior knowledge of the game and the schemes implemented by the Apache coaching staff.

“The one thing that he did that he did better than anyone I’ve seen in 20 years is his knowledge of assignment was next level,” Crane explained. “He knew it, he could coach it, he lined us up for three years in a row. He stepped in a starting role as a sophomore, got the opportunity to play with his brother, which I think that’s extremely neat. He developed his game, developed his commitment, I can go through and talk about the number of all-state nominations and selections and all-district, but what he did for the Gonzales Apaches is second to none.”

The decision to play college football was an easy one for Cox. He’s been around the sport since youth league.

“It’s been my dream since I was a little kid to play college football,” he said. “I went to go visit this college and fell in love with the campus and the whole team and everything.”

Despite other interests, Cox felt TLU was the right fit based on atmosphere, coaching staff and distance from home.

The soon-to-be graduate was recruited to play strong safety for TLU, where he has high hopes of making the traveling team and playing out of state his freshman year.

In the classroom, Cox hasn’t decided yet between business or kinesiology. But those who have spoken to the Apache know that he won’t be able to give up football that easily.

“It would be nice to become a football coach,” Cox said, claiming the sport is “pretty much” in his blood.

Cox gave props to many of his teammates, such as Corey Anzaldua, Juan “Bull” Licea, Trevion McNeil, Brandon Carrizales, Nico Anzaldua and others who have helped such as the Apache coaching staff, Future All Stars and Isaac Anzaldua.

“Everybody that’s been there, that’s actually put in the work with everybody else,” Cox said.