Letter to the editor

Concerned about city council, former city manager


Dear Editor,
I am writing to you with concerns of the Nixon city council on the case of sexual predator Manuel Zepeda. I want to discuss how the city would defend a predator that was arrested by the Texas Rangers services, our highest law enforcement entity.
On June 12, 2018, “Former Nixon city manager indicted on 11 child sex crimes” on KSAT abc news. Reading the number of counts against Manuel Zepeda, our recent city manager and once teacher to our schools, I was utterly disgusted and felt betrayed by this man’s oath who swore on protecting us. How could a man that was founded so highly, turn out to be the very predator whose job was to keep our children safe, and is a parent with two children of his own. As a father, I cannot help but feel angry and have a loss of trust toward our city council, who has been defending this man with charges that any person would not take lightly. Also, to my understanding the council suspended Zepeda without pay, believing he was innocent until proven guilty. However, with all his sex charges against minors why would the city council even keep this man around and not just terminate him.
During Manuel Zepeda’s time as city manager, it has occurred to me that Zepeda had a close relationship with Dorthey Rios and her sister Maggy Gaitan, a Juvenile Probation Officer, who are both on the council. Now their friendship may not be illegal, but a lot of places would consider this nepotism due to their closeness. We citizens in our community know full well how tight these three are, which makes me suspicious that during the duration of Zepeda’s career, before being indicted, may be linked to the sister’s protection of him. While I may not have proof, it’s just that Zepeda’s deeds are starting to put everything into question on whether favoritism played a role here. It’s unforgivable that two years is what it took for Zepeda to be terminated by the city, while any other occupation would have fired him right on the spot with simply the allegations in question. I feel that the city council is not working in our best interest, by its action of keeping this man for reasons possibly due to putting friendship before justice.
I am a resident of this county, and at one time wanted to run for council. But if I had to work with a bunch of incompetent council members, I do not know if I would even make a dent on what’s right for our community. I am appalled and again disgusted of our council’s protection of Zepeda.

John Wynn