Crystal Garcia qualifies for state meet


CARRIZO SPRINGS — The Gonzales Lady Apaches two-person team took on the regional meet at Carrizo Springs on Saturday, March 3, with the intentions of reaching the state meet in Waco on March 16-17. Crystal Garcia will be representing Gonzales in the state meet after getting lifts of 355 pounds squat, 150 bench press and 370 pounds dead lift to total out to 875 pounds. Garcia competed in the 198-pound class where she placed sixth in the regional meet, good enough to become a state qualifier. Leading the way was Lytle’s Katelin Vandong who had a total of 1,075 pounds. Crystal City’s Gabriella Patino took second with 1,005 pounds.

Sydney Clack also competed at the regional meet, getting lifts of 335 pounds for squat, 145-pound bench press and 300-pound dead lift to total to 740 pounds. Besting her was Raymondville’s Karina Martinez who totaled 1,145 pounds to take first in that weight class. Orange Grove’s Jeannie Flores took second with her total of 1,060 pounds.

Garcia is set to compete in the state meet that takes place in Waco from March 16-17.