Letter to the Editor

Customer satisfaction at the core of NFL protests



Come on now, your editorial Tuesday, Sept. 26, starts about a sports issue “Can’t stick to sports,” and right off you jump into bashing President Trump. We already know how strongly your disappointment when our system of government designated Donald J. Trump as our next president. But the fact is our government (yours and mine) did so by the standard legal process under our constitution and it behooves us both to acknowledge him and allow the incumbent administration to function for the benefit of our great country. You will have your chance to make a change next time around and, who knows, I might join you in that if I feel another person would be better. I and other independent voters made the difference last election and hopefully will do so again.

Now as for the NFL fiasco, the core issue that you and other ignore isn’t freedom of speech, it’s customer satisfaction; a bunch of entertainment performers in arrogant disregard of the customs and atmosphere the viewer customers like and expect decided to use the performance for in-your-face personal agenda by socially offensive comments and by disruptive demonstrations during the usual ceremonies. In the initial case, uniform socks were adorned with “pigs” referring to local police.

As a newspaper editor, you know there are many ways to publicize opinions and appeals nobody is trying to restrict that, just do it on your own time! The customer outcry is justified against the NFL and the customer has last say!

David Cole