Cyrier files bills in lege


State Rep. John Cyrier (R-Lockhart) is amidst another swinging session in the Texas House. So far, Gonzales' legislator has authored 26 bills and co-authored another six more, including resolutions and commendations. A quick look shows the direction that the representative is heading in his second full term in office.

  • HB 1185: Relating to adjudication of claims arising from certain written contracts with state agencies. The bill was referred to the judiciary and civil jurisprudence committee on Feb. 26.
  • HB 1214: Co-authored. Relating to the allocation to and use by the Parks and Wildlife Department and Texas Historical Commission of certain proceeds from the imposition of state sales and use taxes on sporting goods. Referred to the appropriations committee on Feb. 26.
  • HB 1618: Relating to the provision of state death benefits to certain members of the Texas military forces. Referred to appropriations on March 4.
  • HB 1620: Relating to legislative oversight of deferred maintenance projects. Left pending in committee.
  • HB 1948: Relating to the creation of the Clear Fork Ranch Municipal Utility District; granting a limited power of eminent domain; providing the authority to issue bonds; providing authority to impose assessments, fees, and taxes. Referred to land and resource management, March 5.
  • HB 2496: Co-author. Relating to the designation of a property as a historic landmark by a municipality. Left pending in committee.
  • HB 2497: Co-author. Related to standing for an appeal to a municipal board of adjustment. Referred to land resource management, March 11.
  • HB 2597: Relating to designating May 17 as Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma Awareness Day. Referred to culture, recreation, and tourism, March 11.
  • HB 3075: Relating to the delegation of powers and duties by the Texas Historical Commission. Referred to culture, recreation, and tourism, March 13.
  • HB 3084: Designating July 20 as Space Exploration Day. Left pending in committee.
  • HB 3396: Relating to the authorization of a fee for participation in the Managed Lands Deer Program. Referred to culture, recreation, and tourism, March 18.
  • HB 3550: Relating to the taking of feral hogs without a hunting license. Referred to culture, recreation, and tourism, March 18.
  • HB 4251: Allowing the Bastrop County Commissioners Court to charge interest on assessments for certain county improvements of subdivision roads. Referred to county affairs, March 25.
  • HB 4541: Relating to the authority over certain real property by the Texas Facilities Commission. Referred to state affairs, March 26.
  • HB 4554: Relating to the park's and wildlife commission's authority to designate wind-powered energy device construction areas near certain lands. Referred to state affairs, March 26.
  • HB 4568: Relating to the consideration of floodplain maps in the permitting of certain solid waste facilities. Referred to environmental regulation, March 26.
  • HCR 69: Recognizing game wardens as the “Texas Navy” and commending them for their service to Texas. Referred to culture, recreation, and tourism, March 12.
  • HCR 131: Designating Bastrop County as the official Film Hospitality Capital of Texas for a 10-year period beginning in 2019. Referred to culture, tourism, and recreation, March 19.
  • HJR 39: Co-author. Proposing a constitutional amendment relating to the appropriation of the net revenue received from the imposition of state sales and use taxes on sporting goods. Referred to appropriations, Feb. 12.
  • HR 289: Honoring the Real Estate Councils of Texas for its service to the real estate industry.
  • HR 511: Congratulating the recipients of the 2019 Texas Medal of Arts Awards.
  • HR 681: Co-author. Congratulating the Fightin' Texas Aggie Band of Texas A&M university on its 125th anniversary.
  • HR 706: Honoring Norma Francis “Tootsie” Tomantez for her achievements as a barbecue pit master.
  • HR 843: In memory of Phyllis Marie Simmonds of Lincoln.
  • HR 897: Congratulating the 2020 Texas Commission of the Arts honorees.
  • HR 903: Congratulating the 2019 Texas Commission on the arts honorees.
  • HB 547: Joint author. Relating to verification of hunting and fishing license information. Passed March 27.
  • HB 888: Joint author. Relating to creating the criminal offense of misrepresenting a child as a family member at a port of entry.
  • HR 1300: Joint author. Relating to cultivated oyster mariculture; authorizing fees; creating a criminal offense.
  • HR 1737: Joint author. Relating to statutes of limitations and repose for certain claims involving the construction or repair of an improvement to real property or equipment attached to real property. Left pending in committee.
  • HR 2423: Joint author. Relating to the creation of the broadband office within the Public Utility Commission of Texas and establishment of a broadband investment program.
  • HR 3070: Joint author. Relating to grants for emergency assistance under the rural volunteer fire department assistance program. Left pending in committee.