Deadpool 2: Almost Too Much Fun


Deadpool 2 is a touching love story just like its predecessor was, with, of course, an unhealthy dose of flying bullets, humor and profanity. Some viewers commented that they couldn’t wait for the unrated version of the movie. Wait they must, but judging by the laughter meter topping out on a rainy Sunday evening, viewers will get the chance to see this version in Gonzales’ Lynn Theater a few more times before it moves to the great beyond—video on demand.

It is common for the makers of sequels to attempt to outdo the first movie in a franchise, but the writers and directors went for character growth instead. Yes, Deadpool as a person grows and some of his person regrows as well. (That part was a little disturbing, but in a funny way not in an Austin Power’s drinking what he thought was coffee way.) The depth of Deadpool’s character deepens and he learns in a way only he can. But Deadpool wasn’t the only character to experience a positive change to his psyche; positive might be a point of view thing, though. Colossus says the “F” word. Fans of the big metal head will gasp at this, but it was a good thing for him to not be so stiff all the time.

Overall, this sequel gets five out of five cannon balls fired at Santa Anna’s ghost and a recommendation to see it with a crowd at the Lynn and share the laughter. Deadpool is rated R.