Publisher’s Perspective

Diet is a four-letter word


There is a new four-letter that is going to become part of my vocabulary over the course of the next few months. It is not a swear word, but I swear it is a word that most people dread.
Its name?
Yes, the dreaded “D” word has found its way into my personal vernacular. I had noticed I had put on a few pounds since moving to Gonzales, but I just told myself that I’d worry about it the next week and then get serious. Days turned into weeks, and the weeks have turned into months. And all that has resulted is me packing on the pounds.
In every self-help decision-making process there is a point that becomes the straw-that-breaks-the-camels-back that finally pushes a person over the edge and makes them realize they have to make a change. My epiphany occurred over the weekend.
I was back in Michigan for the first time in months for my son and daughter-in-law’s baby shower which was held in Lansing on Saturday. At the baby shower, relatives and friends I had not seen in months all greeted me warmly, but then felt compelled to comment on their observation of my physical status. It was their duty to politely and publicly notice the weight gain.
“Life in Texas sure is treating you well,” was the most common comment.
“That brisket must really be good,” said one of my sisters. “Either that or the Mexican food down there is really good.”
I could only nod and stammer, but I did acknowledge that, yes, the brisket is great down here and the Mexican food in Gonzales is outstanding.
But now I have to acknowledge this: I am not getting any younger and I cannot carry extra weight at my age. I have battled afflictions in the past, and I know it is time for me to get my proverbial act together.
So therefore I have decided to publicly tell the whole world: I am going on a diet. There. I said it. Now I have to do it or face more polite ridicule down here, like “How’s that diet going?” Now that it is out in the public domain, please wish me well and don’t let me buy those donuts or ice cream when you see me.
And thank you Spirit Airlines for making my life difficult on Tuesday. I shall show my contempt by not flying your airline again.