Letter to the Editor

Disappointment in GISD


Dear Gonzales Inquirer,
I have never written a letter to the editor but I felt like I should because other people feel the same way. I used to live in Gonzales and come here to visit my kinfolk and watch football games. This year’s team is trying their best. I was here a couple weeks ago and was disappointed. The stadium did not seem like it used to be. There were no U.S. flags all around the top of the stadium like there was for a lot of years. They used to look so nice. Some people in the stands said that the school was being like the NFL and not wanting to honor the flag so no one gets mad. I hope that is not the way this school is going. We should honor the flag at games. During the weekend I saw something else that bothered me. I was at HEB and couldn’t find a empty handicap parking space. I parked way away from the store and when I was walking I saw dark gray ford truck with no handicap license plate or hanging card from the mirror that was parked in one of the handicap places and the young man was putting his groceries in the truck. He was a healthy man who was just fine. When I gripped about it to my friend, he said to don’t say anything because that was one of the Gonzales school police officers. What is going on GISD? My nieces and nephews say the school is not good anymore with lots of drugs and stuff don’t have the right plates or hanging cards. That is not right and is not good for the school or kids. The officers should be a good example and the kids say they don’t and do what they want. You are better than that GISD and that is not the school I used to know. As the kids say Shaking My Head that you let your employees and school be like that.

J.E. Williams
San Antonio