Don't let prom 2018 "Go Down the Pooper"


The Mission
Prom 2018 fundraising has begun, with a goal of $10,000 on their minds several industrious money makers have decided it's time to "poop or get off the pot." The students and their sponsors have set about the task of playing plumber and are taking turns installing a beautiful porcelain throne in the yards of local residents.
Rules of Engagement
As much as the recipients may love their new "flower pot" — a modestly-painted orange, turqoise, black and gold potty — they only have 48 hours to enjoy it. Every fundraising game after all – no matter how fun – does have its rules. Inside the bowl is a packet. Once selected as a "victim" of the Prom Night Plumbers there are options. For a $10 donation the pooper will be removed after 48 hours. For another $10 you can choose the next victim. For an additional $15 you can buy "Pooper Insurance" to guarantee the pot does not land in your yard again. And finally, if 48 hours is too long to possess the pooper, for another $10 you can be rid of it in just 24 hours.
If you find the pooper in your yard and want it removed, or you just want to make a donation to the 2018 Prom Committee, call Autumn Hernandez at 830-857-4465, or Brandy Hall at 830-857-4464.