Eight chicken ranch protesters arrested


Eight of the approximate 35-40 vegan activists who allegedly entered a south Gonzales County chicken ranch Jan. 26 have been arrested. All eight of the activists have been charged with criminal trespassing, a Class B Misdemeanor.

According to court documents, the activists trespassed into a chicken house that was holding approximately 27,500 chicks. At the entrance of the chicken house there is a posted sign that states, “DO NOT ENTER DISEASE CONTROL FARM NO TRESSPASSING.”

Once inside the activists took numerous pictures and videos of around 25-30 dead chicks, including one group picture that featured 35 individuals. Most of the activists wore black t-shirts with the phrase “MEAT THE VICTIMS” emblazoned across the chest. The photos and videos were disseminated through Facebook.

Of the eight arrested, none resided in Gonzales County. According to Gonzales County Chief Deputy Lynn Wilburn the majority of those arrested were picked up in other counties in Texas and less than half turned themselves in willingly. There are still seven activists with outstanding arrest warrants from the incident.

The Inquirer reached out to some of the activists for comment but have not heard back as of press time. However, on April 5, one of the activists took to Facebook to share a few pictures of them posing in their “MEAT THE VICTIMS” shirts outside of the Gonzales County Jail with the caption, “well, we were held prisoner in a filthy county jail that houses violent offenders. Our crime? Exposing animal cruelty. When we were released, we took these photos to remember the victims that we were locked up for defending.”

They finished the caption with a quote from Martin Luther King Jr. “One has a moral responsibility to disobey unjust laws.”