Focus remains on execution


The focus for the Shiner St. Paul Cardinals (0-2) will be mostly on execution. Last week, even though the team did well in a lot of areas, there were still far too many mistakes for the team to come out with a win.

This week, the team will take on a St. Andrew’s offense that operates mostly out of a spread.

“They got a pretty good running back,” St. Paul head coach Wachsmuth noted. “[Their] quarterback can throw the ball a little bit. They mix up run and pass.”

The Cardinals defense looks to contain their playmakers, though Wachsmuth believes they have the talent to do so.

Defensively, St. Paul expects an eight-man, split front with a lot of man coverage. The coaching staff expects St. Andrew’s to crowd the line of scrimmage and try to stop St. Paul’s rushing attack.

This early in the season, even though the Cardinals are scouting to beat St. Andrew’s, their main concern is getting better on the football field.

“Obviously we got to focus on what [St. Andrew’s] do but a lot of the reason we’re at where we are is not so much who we play but our execution,” Wachsmuth said.

Kickoff for the road game is set for 7:30 p.m.