Gandre Bottom Boys, Bill’s Crew win fishing tournament prizes


The 15th Annual Boomers Sports Bar Alvis Malatak fishing tournament was completed on Saturday, April 13 under sunny skies and warmer temperatures than in 2018.

Eight out of 12 teams actually weighed in catfish, but in the end it was the Gandre Bottom Boys who placed their name on the trophy as having caught the most poundage on their stringer line. The Gandre team stringer weighed a total of 330 pounds, outdistancing the runner up team of Bill’s Crew which had 257 pounds.

Bill’s Crew did have its own victory on Saturday, however, as they landed the biggest fish, a nice 48-pounder. Second place for biggest fish was a tie between Linda’s Hookers and the Gandre Bottom Boys who eached weighed in a 38-pounder.

The team of Yella Fever had a stringer line of 240 pounds, followed by Linda’s Hookers with 211, Bad Cats with 175, Redneck River Rats with 173, They All Got Away with 104 and The Rowdy Bunch with 58.

The proceeds of the Alvis Malatak tournament will be used for scholarships at Gonzales High School.

This is the final year that the Boomers Sports Bar name will be on the title, as next year it will be under the name of Spanky’s.