GEDC undergoes ‘housekeeping’ in short meeting


GONZALES — Gonzales Economic Development corporation met for a short meeting on Monday night, opening with a public hearing on the approval of a Small Business Development Incentive Grant (SBIG) to Chris Espinosa, doing business as Moon Walk Rentals, in the amount of $3,000. The board approved Espinosa's grant in an earlier meeting, but has to leave to matter open for public hearing for 60 days, per corporation bylaws.

Under action items, the board discussed and approved the removal of Allen Barnes, Joe Cavazos, and Clint Hille as signatories from all GEDC financial accounts and added Board President Crissy O'Neal; Board Vice President James Ryan; Board Treasurer Keith Brown; City Manager Sean Lally; and City Finance Director Laura Zella.

The board also discussed whether to renew or move a Certificate of Deposit in the amount of $55,257.57. The board agreed to find the financial with the highest returns and move the CD there. According to O'Neal, research on the best returns has already begun.

GEDC Board of Directors meets the fourth Monday of each month, as needed. If a meeting is needed in October, it could be scheduled at 6 p.m. Monday, Oct. 23, at Gonzales Municipal Building, 820 St. Joseph St., in Council Chambers.