Letter to the Editor

Go out and vote


A message to all the voters in Gonzales County. After the dismal turnout of voters in the original primary election everyone needs to get out and vote to solve the runoffs that were created by low voter turnout. Remember that without the people we have no real government we get only who we as concerned voters send to office. Your vote does count. We are currently running our country with about 26 percent of the voters saying what the other 74 percent will have to live with since they are the ones that controlled the vote that elected our government. These people in our government are the ones to look after our security, raise or lower our taxes, decide what we should think, make laws that are not wanted by the majority of people, and in general tell you that if you don’t like it that is too bad we are who is in control. Is this the government you want? We are having another runoff election on May 22 to decide who will go to the race in November for Senator and for the District 27 House of representatives. Go out and vote we must get good government that is selected by the largest group of voters that this country can muster. Also note the cost of elections is not cheap, your dollars are spent to give you a chance to have your voice heard.

Kenneth Mosher Sr.