Gonzales citizens explain why mission trip is important


(Editor’s note: this is the second part of a four part series detailing the Two Rivers Bible Church mission trip to Peru)

The Two Rivers Bible Church of Gonzales is nearing its date with destiny.
As first reported in the Gonzales Inquirer two weeks ago, the church is sending a select group of people to Puerto Maldonado and Infierno in Peru to perform mission and outreach work at a home for abused girls and children.
There are a number of Gonzales residents who are going on this mission, and we asked some of those to explain why they wanted to go on this trip.
“To me this will be a humbling experience like no other and I’m looking forward to meeting and serving new people,” said Todd Bright.
“I’ve asked the Lord to guide me onto greater things in my life and going to Peru is just a start,” said Kiara Cerna.
“I am going to Peru because in Mathew 28:19 we are instructed to make disciples of all nations. Therefore, I am going to spread the gospel and show them the love we are privileged to experience every day,” said Tyler Horstman.
“I am going on this trip because I know it is God’s plan for me this summer and just knowing I am going where God has directed means He has plans of ways to use me and move through this trip which is crazy exciting,” said Megan McLain.
The 13 people making the trip to Peru are going to be making repairs to a shelter for sexually abused and tortured children. They will do repairs on the facility so it can house more children, plus create prayer groups and clubs with the indigenous people of the area. They will be doing the mission work from June 19-28.
The people going on the trip include: Michael Bosquez, Todd Bright, Kiara Cerna, Jesse Elizondo, Chuck Griffin, Gretchen Hilt, Keela Hoffman, Christy and Tyler Horstman, Megan McLain, Jennifer Miller, Melani Vega and Tyler Vierig.
The Gonzales Inquirer will be running photos of the group while they are in Peru in the newspaper and online.