Gonzales Apaches

Gonzales competes in tough home meet

Varsity trio take fourth in relay


GONZALES — In their annual first meet of the season, the Gonzales Apaches cross-country team hosted a three-person relay at Independence Park on Saturday, Aug. 18. The meet is their seventh annual relay meet, with 18 high schools attending. The varsity trio of Stephanie Reyna, Krystalynn Buesing and Veronica Moreno placed fourth behind St. Michaels, Goliad and Tuloso Midway.
The Lady Apaches had three teams compete in the JV girls race, with a trio taking second, third and seventh.
“There were over 30 teams of three running in each division on Saturday and the girls From Gonzales finished a close fourth behind some really good company,” Gonzales Head Coach Cully Doyle said. “The meet had some of the best competition you will see around. I was impressed with the coverage our meet is getting. It is becoming a super competitive early season meet.” “Our girls rocked the race and one group of varsity finished fourth out of over 30 teams and then the JV girls finished second, third and sixth overall out of over 30 plus relay team,” he added. “The summer was good for us! I asked these kids to hold themselves accountable each summer and the validity in the races are speaking for themselves. Our goal is to three-peat as district champions and get back to the state cross-country meet and the girls believe they can do just that.”
On the boys side, the trio of Antonio Hernandez, Avery Almaguer and Ruben Ortiz finished 11th overall in their race of over 300 relay teams.
“This future is bright and these boys have been doing great,” Doyle said. “We believe we can put together a strong boys team this season and compete at a high level. Antonio was the individual district runner up last year and we expect him to win the thing this year. He is going to lead this team a long ways by his work ethic.”
Top eight teams are as follows:

Varsity Girls (3 person, 6 mile relay)
1. St. Michaels, 33:43
2. Goliad, 34:56
3. Tuloso Midway, 35:28
4. Gonzales, 35:43
5. St. Michaels, 36:03
6. Devine, 36:08
7. Navarro, 36:11
8. Devine, 36:15

Varsity Boys (3 person, 6 mile relay)
1. Lockhart, 27:40
2. St. Michaels, 27:50
3. Tuloso Midway, 29:07
4. Lytle, 29:20
5. Lockhart, 29:37
6. Navarro, 30:39
7. Lytle, 30:40
8. Bastrop, 30:59

JV Girls (3 person, 3 mile relay)
1. Karnes City, 17:48
2. Gonzales, 18:07
3. Gonzales, 18:09
4. St. Michaels, 18:11
5. Tuloso Midway, 18:15
6. Karnes City, 19:02
7. Gonzales, 19:30
8. Devine, 19:52

JV Boys (3 person, 3 mile relay)
1. St. Michaels, 14:48
2. Karnes City, 15:09
3. Lytle, 15:16
4. Lockhart, 15:22
5. Tuloso Midway, 15:25
6. Lockhart, 15:32
7. Lytle, 16:03
8. Tuloso Midway, 16:25