Gonzales council to meet Thursday night


The Gonzales City Council returns to action Thursday with a slate of agenda items to discuss and consider. Among the items are resolutions to conduct an economic impact study and the appointment of a historical ordinance subcommittee. Highlights are:

• A resolution approving the Gonzales Convention and Visitor Bureau's recommendation to fund $1,800 to rent the J.B. Wells Expo Center for the Gonzales Chapter of the Daughters of the Republic of Texas (DRT). Money would come from the hotel/motel tax fund. The request is earmarked for assistance with an October event to host state DRT members for a regional meeting.

• A resolution authorizing the Gonzales Convention and Visitor's Bureau to approve budgeted funding requests of up to $5,000 without further approval from city council.

• A resolution establishing rules concerning city employees driving city-owned vehicles from work to home.

• A resolution to appoint an advisory committee to assist in developing a historic ordinance to be charged with rules best suited for the city and to submit such a proposal to the city council for approval. A historical ordinance would be used to “preserve and protect the historic, architectural, and environmental assets that contribute to Gonzales' unique sense of place” in order to maintain a historic integrity of the downtown area. The committee would be comprised of Glenda Gordon, Daisy Scheske Freeman, Barbara Friedrich, Clint Hille, Barbara Crozier, Vickie Frenzel, Tim Gescheidle, Genora Young, Keith Schauer, Mayor Connie Kacir and the mayor pro-tem, Interim City Manager Tim Patek, City Secretary Kristina Vega, the city's building code official, and City Attorney facilitator T. Daniel Santee.

• A resolution authorizing the interim city manager to conduct an economic impact study of the J.B. Wells Park facilities to measure the economic impact including sales tax and hotel/motel tax revenues. The analysis is not to exceed $15,000. The study seeks to work in planning of events that will have the best economic impact on the city.

Additionally, a closed session will be held to discuss matters pertaining to the estate of J.B. Wells litigation, lease of city owned property, sale of unopened city streets, evaluation of the interim city manager, and a recruiting/hiring process to fill the position of city manager.

The meeting is Thursday at 6 p.m. at the Gonzales city hall.