Gonzales County reports 23 new COVID-19 cases Wednesday


The daily COVID-19 case report from Gonzales County Judge Patrick C. Davis shows the county reporting 23 new cases, bringing the total to 519.

The total case count now makes up roughly 2.5% of all people in Gonzales County. This accounts for both active and recovered cases, as well as deaths.

The number of estimated recovered cases has risen to 454. Region 8, the section of Texas Gonzales County is counted in for the Department of State Health Services and Regional Health and Medical Operations Centers COVID-19 reports, is no longer monitoring active cases. Instead, they are using a “time-based strategy” to determine dates that a case will no longer be infectious to count it as recovered.

The county has reported 144 new cases in the last seven days, averaging at 20.6 each day. In the past week, it also reported two new deaths.