Gonzales, Cuero clash in annual rivalry game


It’s rivalry week yet again for Gonzales (1-2). Although not a district game, both the Cuero Gobblers (2-1) and the Gonzales Apaches know what’s at stake.

Bragging rights.

The Apaches haven’t knocked off Cuero since a 28-0 shutout in 2011, but head coach Kodi Crane and the rest of the Gonzales team wants to get back on the winning side to end the seven-year drought.

Cuero is what Crane would call a “formation-oriented team.”

The Gobblers offense has various formations they run out of, though it’s the same handful of plays in each formation.

“They’re a 70 percent run team,” Crane said. “They will try to get the ball to the edge and use their speed.”

Look at film, Cuero’s first nine plays follow a similar script in the first three games. The team will run out of eight different formations, then on the ninth play they finally repeat one of their early formations.

“They’re looking for what works through formations early in the game,” Crane explained, “and then once they find [out] what works, they’ll go back to that over and over and over again.”

The Apaches defense will need to rely on their eyes, the head coach said, in order to limit Cuero’s offensive weapons.

The team will have to look out for Keiran Grant (6), Chance Albrecht (7), Jordan Whittington (3), D’Andre Lange (2), Devyn Whittington (40) and Trey Moore (8).

“On the offensive line, they’re only bringing back the center from last year,” Crane noted. “[But] the offensive line gets the job done as well.”

On defense, the Gobblers run a four-man front that over shifts, turning into a five-man look.

On that side of the field, Moore plays defensive line as well as Kobe Giles (25), both of whom will cause trouble for opposing offensive linemen.

“Both of those guys are really good,” Crane said.

In the secondary, Grant, Lange and senior cornerback Marcus Gomez (11) all contributed.

“They have athletes all over the field,” Crane said. “Their defensive line is big, strong and powerful and makes plays. We’re going to have our hands full doing our job.”

The Apaches have played top teams throughout their pre-district season and Cuero will be yet another tough test. Though there’s always a little bit more motivation to take down a rival, Crane assures that it is business as usual this week.

“They understand that this is our next challenge,” he said. “It’s an important challenge in Gonzales. It’s an important challenge to our kids. They are making the correct steps to get ready and go after the Gobblers.”

Kickoff is scheduled for Friday, Sept. 21 at 7:30 p.m. at Cuero.