Gonzales girls take gold, St. Paul take silver at meet


SCHULENBURG — Area teams traveled to Schulenburg last week for a cross-country meet last week, with Gonzales and Shiner St. Paul leading the way in the varsity girls race.
The Lady Apaches took first in varsity while the Lady Cardinals of St. Paul were second as a team. The Shiner Gold team took fifth.
Veronica Moreno placed second overall with a time of 12:21 for Gonzales. Krystalynn Buesing took fifth while Shelby Davis, Maura Garcia and Stephanie Reyna took 11th, 12th and 13th place, respectively.
St. Paul’s Julie Davis took third overall in the race with a time of 12:30. Rebecca Wagner took seventh. Bailey Blair finished 24th, Maci Grabarkievtz took 36th and Brooke Pesek took 38th.
Shiner Gold’s Lili Egan placed 15th overall with a time of 13:51. Hannah Pustka placed 23rd, Hana Lehnert took 47th, Sarah Tronicek finished 60th and Autumn Bishop took 61st.

Full varsity girls results for area teams include:
2 12:21 Veronica Moreno Gonzales
3 12:30 Julie Davis Shiner St. Paul
5 13:07 Krystalynn Buering Gonzales
7 13:25 Rebecca Wagner Shiner St. Paul
8 13:31 Mari Grosenbacher Shiner
11 13:41 Shelby Davis Gonzales
12 13:42 Maura Garcia Gonzales
13 13:44 Stephanie Reyna Gonzales
15 13:51 Lili Egan Shiner Gold
21 14:11 Emily Moore Gonzales
23 14:18 Hannah Pustka Shiner Gold
24 14:19 Bailey Blair Shiner St. Paul
26 14:20 Emily Moreno Gonzales
36 14:52 Maci Grabarkievtz Shiner St. Paul
38 15:05 Brooke Pesek Shiner St. Paul
47 15:20 Hana Lehnert Shiner Gold
49 15:23 Grace Pilat Shiner St. Paul
60 15:36 Sarah Tronicek Shiner Gold
61 15:40 Autumn Bishop Shiner Gold
63 15:45 Jacy Chrisman Shiner Purple
69 15:55 Kaitlynn Cowan Shiner Purple
75 16:03 Lauren Kubenka Shiner St. Paul
89 16:29 Malorie Harvey Shiner Purple
93 16:50 Taylor Wauson Shiner St. Paul
97 17:10 Holly Hall Shiner St. Paul
100 17:13 Megan Epley Shiner Purple
105 17:32 Krystal Lauu Shiner Purple
110 18:29 Carissa Murrile Shiner Purple

Lane Jackson and Walker Jackson led the way for the Shiner St. Paul varsity boys team, placing third and fifth, respectively. Taylor Robinson, the team’s third varsity runner, placed 76th.
Meanwhile, Gonzales also had three runners on the varsity boys race. Antonio Hernandez led the Apache runners, taking eighth. Avery Almaguer placed 11th and Ruben Ortiz finished 13th.
Shiner’s Noah Matthews led the Comanches placing 12th overall. Aidan Siebert placed 40th while Mason Downey finished 81st.

Full varsity boys results for area teams include:
3 17:14 Lane Jackson Shiner St. Paul
5 17:25 Walker Jackson Shiner St. Paul
8 17:55 Antonio Hernandez Gonzales
11 18:02 Avery Almaguer Gonzales
12 18:02 Noah Matthews Shiner
13 18:07 Ruben Ortiz Gonzales
40 19:52 Aidan Siebert Shiner
76 2251 Taylor Robinson Shiner St. Paul
81 23:45 Mason Downey Shiner
92 25:15:00 Trevor Hajek Shiner
94 25:17:00 Trace Herndon Shiner
95 25:55:00 Hector Cruz Shiner

The Lady Apaches dominated the junior varsity race, taking five of the top 10 spots and 10 of the top 20 spots, including a first, second and third-place finish by Krisenta Esquivel, Genevieve Kelley and Jordan Williams, respectively.

Full JV girls results for Gonzales include:
1 14:05 Krisenta Esquivel Gonzales
2 14:30 Genevieve Kelley Gonzales
3 14:39 Jordan Williams Gonzales
9 15:17 Priscilla Pizano Gonzales
10 15:19 Brooklyn Simper Gonzales
11 15:27 Marcia Mathis Gonzales
14 15:35 Alicia Camarillo Gonzales
15 15:39 Caitlyn Rhodes Gonzales
16 15:48 Caitlin Blundell Gonzales
18 16:17 Hona Williamson Gonzales

Gonzales placed second in the JV boys race, with Avram Almaguer leading the team with his third place finish.

Full JV boys results for Gonzales include:
3 12:14 Avram Almaguer Gonzales
13 13:39 Daniel Garcia Gonzales
14 13:46 Mark Burek Gonzales
19 13:57 Alejandro Reyna Gonzales
31 15:19 Dennis Martinez Gonzales
43 17:09 Ferando Naver Gonzales

No area junior high athletes were listed as competitors on the girls race.
In the junior high boys races, Shiner St. Paul’s Fisher Davis placed first and Shiner St. Paul’s Trent Brown placed third.