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Gonzales Healthcare System: An indispensable asset


Editor’s Note: This is an abridged interview with John Hughson, Gonzales Healthcare System Administrator

Some history of the hospital:

Gonzales Healthcare Systems has a long legacy of healthcare service to the Gonzales area. It will celebrate the 100th anniversary of its centerpiece, Memorial Hospital in 2021 — just two years from now.

Over those years the hospital and healthcare system has enjoyed the continued support of the community. It is a true community partnership and our health care professionals have continued to help it blossom into the advanced care available today.

The hospital is blessed with great physicians and advanced diagnostic equipment. However, the secret ingredient that draws the community to our hospital system is the personal touch level of care that the team of healthcare professionals provides every day. The community appreciates the care they receive is from people they know, often neighbors and friends, who treat them like family.

As we move into 2019, it really is a new day for Gonzales Healthcare Systems because of the great physicians, other healthcare professionals and advanced technology available. The addition of Thrive, the state-of-the-art wellness center, assures the community they have access to care that is well above what might be expected in a community our size. In fact, a recent HCAHPS survey (patient satisfaction scores) indicates that patients believe our care is as good or better than care received at other big city hospitals in our region.”

How is Gonzales Healthcare Systems a great asset to the community?

Gonzales Healthcare Systems has had, and continues to have, a strong impact on the economic welfare of Gonzales and the surrounding communities. The provision of healthcare to its citizens is just a part of the advantages of having these facilities in Gonzales County.

Approximately 300 employees work for Gonzales Healthcare Systems and live in Gonzales and the surrounding communities. These 300 persons earn over $10,600,000 annually which, based on certain economic projections, results in a $28,200,000 impact on the community.

Gonzales Healthcare Systems also has a financial impact on the community just by doing what it does best: providing healthcare. In 2018, we provided over 1.5 million in charity care to those persons who could not care for themselves. By providing local healthcare, burdens have been removed from citizens who don’t have the resources to seek healthcare elsewhere, from merchants whose employees don’t have to miss work to seek healthcare elsewhere, and from taxpayers who don’t have to pay for county citizens to receive healthcare elsewhere.

Why do you love being in Gonzales?

I am a native Texan, so I love being able to work and live with my family in Texas. I love life in a smaller community and the great, friendly people who live here in Gonzales. It’s a great place to raise my family. This community has so many wonderful attributes, but the great surprise was finding a hospital that is so far ahead of many others in the state. It really is a joy to be part of a team that brings such a vital service to the community and does it so well.

Why is Gonzales Healthcare Systems a great place to work?

Gonzales Healthcare Systems is one of the largest employers in the county. We are committed to the development of our staff. We recognize the contributions of our employees, auxiliary, and medical staff. Each and every person plays an important role in our ability to provide quality healthcare. One of our goals is to recruit and maintain outstanding professionals and support staff who will provide value to our customers through excellence in patient care.

What is our vision for the future?

Today’s technology advancements make rural living and employment an option for individuals and businesses that was not possible 10 years ago. With wireless telecommunications and the Internet, businesses (including healthcare) need not be landlocked in urban areas.

Gonzales Healthcare Systems is in a great position for moving into the future. Our staff, technologies and equipment give us the ability to provide access to a level of care that will recruit physicians to our community as well as increase the number of patients we serve.

We offer an exceptional range of healthcare services right here close to home. Our medical staff is supported by a comprehensive team of compassionate, qualified professionals and paired with state-of-the-art medical equipment. We believe it is our responsibility to provide local access to healthcare, so our future is committed to that goal. At Gonzales Healthcare Systems, our patients always come first.

Since joining Gonzales Healthcare System as the new CEO, I have been impressed by the warm reception that I have received. As Texans, our entire staff has a passion for delivering exceptional healthcare right here at home, and we are encouraged by the strong support from our Hospital Board of Directors and Community Members.

We’ve been listening carefully to the community and have learned that you value and support having a local hospital. With that in mind we will continue to take this hospital to the next level of healthcare excellence and are committed to becoming your healthcare provider of choice. And today the hard work has been rewarded as the Centers for Medicare announced that we have been upgraded to a Four-Star Hospital!

A New Day for Healthcare

So, the New Year ushers in a new day for healthcare at Gonzales Healthcare Systems. It first begins with our leadership team who are deeply committed to building our tradition of excellence. The mission is to sharpen our focus and pave the road for our healthcare professionals.

Achieving that goal will require lots of work and dedication by all of us here at the hospital. So together, we’re making a fresh commitment to deliver the highest level of patient care. But that’s only the beginning because we will be evaluating how we can improve every area of patient care throughout the hospital.