Gonzales ISD superintendent clarifies report


In the March 22 issue of the Gonzales Inquirer, it was reported in the story titled Apache Band needs mightier uniforms that the current uniforms were 17 years old.

Gonzales ISD Superintendent Dr. Kim Strozier clarified the misinformation, verifying that while the uniforms are in need of replacing, they are actually 12 years old.

“This is an exciting time for the Gonzales Mighty Apache Band!” Strozier wrote the Inquirer. “Not so long ago we were approached by some really awesome parent leaders of the Band Booster Club. It was made known that the boosters had already raised funding to support the effort of the districts purchase of new uniforms. Although, our uniforms look great on the field they have made several seasons in wear. In fact, according to our purchase order history, the uniforms were purchased in 2006. They have made nearly 12 years of use and served our students in a beautiful way!

“Even with that acknowledgement we are so happy to move forward in partnership with our booster club to make a purchase of new uniforms. With Gonzales School Board approval, the district has already purchased the new uniforms that will arrive in several months. This purchase, a year ahead of schedule, comes at a perfect time since the band has grown and is expecting approximately 75 new members next year to the high school band team.

“Thank you to our GISD School Board of Trustees for your action to move forward with this exciting step. Thank you to our Band Booster Club for supporting our Mighty Apache Band in such a big way! We appreciate you!”

The Mighty Apache Band is still raising funds to help pay for the uniforms, including holding a high school concert on Monday, May 14 at the new gym at 6 p.m. and a junior high/North Avenue concert on Tuesday, May 14 at the new gym at 6 p.m.

For more information on ways to support the band, contact Margie Kenning at 830-672-2291.