Hard choices to be made


Dear Editor,
Certificates of Obligation do not require voter approval. We voted the city council in and that is the approval. To spend money to hold a bond election when it is not necessary would not be the prudent use of city funds. The state is after the city to repair the dam and hydroelectric does produce enough revenue to fund maintenance and repairs. The problem comes when irresponsible councils chop the tax rate below the ability to properly fund the city and then take the electric funds to run the city. The money used from the electric fund to finance the city budget, oddly enough would have paid for the repairs without having to issue bonds. Also, It is my understanding that the bonds were never issued.
The city is facing the replacement of the electric department trucks, the truck for the wastewater plant, the repair or replacement of the water storage tank, and copious amounts of deferred maintenance that will soon demand attention. There is also the a/c systems that are economically inefficient and old street lights that are inefficient. The city could save money by replacing the old a/c units and street lights; but, that takes money up front. Unfortunately, Gonzales is bankrupt. We are at where we are at.
There is no need to cry over spilt milk. There are hard choices to be made. Do we let our city become 3rd rate or tend to the problems?

James Lawrence
Gonzales, Texas