History with truth cannot be changed


Dear editor 

The recently published letter about rebels demands a response.

History with truth cannot be changed; old statues removed won’t change past events nor erase courageous acts by those individuals. Soldiers serve a cause and should not be individually vilified by those opposed so long as they served with honor.

It is sad that so many young folks cannot put history in perspective. Rebels such as the framers of our government and George Washington as well as those of the confederacy and “Texians” fought for cause though in fact all were treasons to mother countries.

For those on the bandwagon to erase the confederacy from our history, yes, slavery is wrong, but the Yankee abolitionists moved to kill it with one stroke of the pen without any compensation and that was also wrong and ill-conceived. Just compensation should have been offered by the government and to be cost-shared by everyone since the slavery practice was introduced and supplied with government consent. Oh well, the self-righteous and the single-minded will do their thing! (That is another historical perspective)

David Cole