Letter to the Editor

Important for all to vote


For all who are not informed, there is an election to adopt or reject amendments to the Texas constitution. It has not been well advertised but it is important that all go to the polls and have their voices heard. As usual the amendments are written in Lawyer Ease language, so read very carefully before you color in the oval of your choice. These amendments are what your legislature passed and now you have a up or down vote on whether or not the amendments are made law. We have a representative government and a check and balance with the right of the people of Texas to say if they want to adopt these amendments.
Go out to your precinct or go and early vote at the Randle Rather Courthouse Annex and make your voices heard. For once it would be nice to see a good turnout expressing their will instead of amendments being added by a small portion of the voting public. I hope to see you at the polls. on November 07, 2017 unless you voted early.

Ken Mosher Sr.
Gonzales, Texas