In a few weeks, high school seniors from around the area will be walking the stage to receive their diplomas and officially graduate. For those who have already graduated, what do you miss the most about your high school days?

A. Sports. I miss being able to compete with my teammates wearing my colors and representing the school as we took on whoever stepped on the field or court across from us. 7%
B. My friends. There are many classmates that I just don’t talk to as much anymore. I miss being able to go to school to hang out with them. 19%
C. Call me a nerd but I miss all that learning. I miss opening up a textbook to a new world of information, all the challenges that tests and projects bring and putting pencil to paper. 9%
D. The extracurriculars. School was more than in-class learning. Whether it was band, UIL, or any other after-school activity, those times are what I miss the most. 23%
E. School? Don’t miss it at all. 42%