In search of descendants


Dear Editor,

The Blumberg-Elley-Kaiser-Koepsel Family Reunion (descendants of Carl F. Blumberg and Katherine Ruff and their seven children — Julius F. Blumberg, Albertine “Bertha” Blumberg Kaiser, August Blumberg, Henriette Blumberg Elley (von Elterlein), Fritz A. Blumberg, Ernest Blumberg, Hulda Blumberg Koepsel) will be held on April 21 at the McQueeney Lions Club. The Blumberg’s immigrated from Germany to Texas via the port of Indianola (near Port Lavaca, TX) in the 1840s. They and their descendants settled in small communities along the Guadalupe River and today number in the thousands. The last time we had a comprehensive reunion was in 1938. This April we embark on creating that family experience again 80 years later. Are “you” one of us? Please assist us in getting the word out. We look forward to meeting you and sharing our family history.
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Will G. Nagel & Andrea M. Burkhart