Inquirer obtains warrant documents related to arrests of Gonzales County EMS Director James Russell, wife Carla Russell


The Gonzales Inquirer has obtained the search warrants and warrant for arrest in the case of the Gonzales County EMS Director James Russell and wife Carla Russell as provided by the Gonzales County District Clerk's Office and signed by Judge William Old. The investigation is ongoing from the Texas Department of Public Safety Texas Rangers office.

Attached to the left of this story are the scanned copies of the warrant for arrest for James Russell, affidavit for search warrant for the Gonzales County EMS building located at 1703 St. Joseph Street and the affidavit for search warrant for the Russell residence located at 1403 St. Vincent Street.

Names of the informants have been redacted by the Inquirer so that they are not subjected to ridicule or abuse on social media. Their names will come out in court.

More details to follow.