Joint meeting Gonzales council, EDC called


GONZALES — Gonzales City Council and Gonzales Economic Development Corporation Board of Directors have called a joint meeting tonight, to address council/EDC matters, including an executive session and discussion on a business prospect and a performance agreement with BYK, USA.

According to city agenda information, on May 23, GEDC staff received correspondence notifying staff of a potential expansion to BYK’s Gonzales facility, estimated to be between $50,000,000 - $75,000,000. The correspondence also included the estimated local economic benefit for a potential $150,000 investment. The company has sought the assistance of the GEDC, City of Gonzales, as well as other taxing entities.

GEDC staff and Gonzales City Manager Sean Lally have met with and corresponded with representatives of Gonzales County, Gonzales Independent School District, the Gonzales Hospital District, Office of the Governor, Workforce Development and State Representative John Cyrier’s office.

Competitors for the expansion of this project are Gonzales, Kentucky, Germany, and China. There have been several meetings with BYK Management staff, and their council, as well as two joint meetings of the City Council and GEDC Board. To move forward, the City Council and GEDC Board must finalize documents for presentation to BYK USA, Inc.

Any action on matters discussed in private, will be held publicly.

The recipient of the project expansion will be announced by BYK USA Inc. later in October 2017.

In other business, the city will discuss and consider a resolution authorizing the city to provide for the legal defense of city council members who are named in their official capacities in litigation filed against the city.

Litigation was filed against the city, on July 13, by Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary, regarding the estate of J.B. Wells Jr. (deceased). Named specifically in the cause (5185) are: Gonzales Mayor Connie Kacir, Councilman Dist. 1 Gary Schroeder, former Council Member Dist. 4 Clarence Opiela and former Council Member Dist. 3 Lorenzo Hernandez.

City agenda information states through analysis of city policies, procedures and practices, it was revealed the council was not bonded under Section 3.12 of the City Charter - Official Bonds for City Employees. At the recommendation of Texas Municipal League, council members should be bonded and procure a bond as required by law.

Gonzales City Council meets 6 p.m. tonight, Tuesday, Oct. 10, at Gonzales Municipal Building, 820 St. Joseph St., in council chambers.