June sales tax revenue up across region 


Sales tax revenue in June 2019 remained up from the previous year in most cities in county and surrounding areas. 

The City of Gonzales saw a net payment of $233,215.68 in June 2019, up 7.04 percent from the previous year. Year-to-date in Gonzales is up 5.90 percent and currently sits at $1,385,637.83. 

Nixon’s revenue saw a positive change of 8.88 percent from June 2018 to June 2019. Revenue for the previous month finished at $26,892.57. Year-to-date in Nixon still lags behind 2018’s numbers however. The city has collected $171,632.20 in 2019, 13.73 percent lower. 

Waelder in June saw a substantial jump in revenue from the previous year. Net payment was up 147.32 percent from the previous year and totaled out at $12,260.87. The city has also seen a significant jump in year-to-date. Waelder is up 26.76 percent from 2018, collecting a total of $32,877.22 in year-to-date 2019. 

Smiley’s June revenue was up 51.60 percent from the previous year. The city collected $2,171.50 in the month. Year-to-date is up 58.17 percent from 2018 for a total of $16,737.80. 

Luling saw a 34.73 percent increase in June 2019 when compared to the previous year. The city’s net payment for this period came in at $137,443.12. Luling is up 9.30 percent in the year-to-date total. The city has collected $674,033.77 in sales tax revenue. 

Shiner is up 8.71 percent in June 2019 when compared to June 2018. Net payment for Shiner in June 2019 was $33,966.10. The city is up 22.04 percent in the year-to-date amount, totaling in at $206,304.77 collected in 2019.

Gonzales County as an entity is up 29.67, percent collecting $214,681.09 in June 2019. The county is up 21.74 percent in year-to-date totals, collecting $1,137,057.14 in 2019.