Local nabbed for hot check at resale shop


On July 6, Gonzales Police Officer Mark Hastings responded to a complainant who wished to file a report against the owner of local resale shop Vintage Charm for the issuance of a check that lacked insufficient funds.

Officer Hastings was informed by Linda Brown that four items were sold at the shop for her by owner Nicole Burrier in the amount of $408.32. When an attempt was made to cash the check at First National Bank, which was the bank of the issued check, Brown was informed that it could not be cashed. Hastings then informed her to send a certified letter demanding payment and to allow 10 days after the letter was received.

Hastings then informed Burrier of the incident. Burrier allegedly told the officer to do what he has to do about it.

Brown then provided proof that the certified letter was received and that no attempt was made by Burrier for payment.

On Thursday, Aug. 23, Officer Hastings went to Vintage Charm for a different report made by a different complainant and was joined by GPD Investigator Montoya. Montoya confirmed that Burrier had issued the check and that there were insufficient funds in the account to cover it. After running a computerized criminal history on Burrier, it was discovered that she had five previous convictions for theft.

Theft of stolen property under $2,500 with two or more convictions is considered a state jail felony in Texas.