Letter to the Editor

Luling Main Street thanks sponsors


The Luling Main Street Board of Directors, and the Rajun’ Cajun Committee members want to thank you for your generous contributions to this year’s Rajun’ Cajun Throwdown. Your monetary and in-kind support helps insure that our little Cajun festival grows and continues to be something Luling can always be proud of. The weather was great and it may have been the biggest crowd we’ve ever hard. And it is your support that makes it all possible.
As you know, proceeds from this event help us fund beautification projects in the Main Street District, as well as other things that help revitalize downtown Luling in many different ways. With last year’s proceeds we were able to fund more façade grants in the Main Street District and create a new, more interactive website. With this year’s proceeds we want to yet again increase Façade Grant funding to entice more restorations which improves the sustainability of the district as a whole, and would like to tackle some new projects.
So on behalf of Luling Main Street and the Rajun’ Cajun Committee, please accept our sincere thanks for your generosity and your community spirit! We would not be able to do any of the above without your help.

Rajun’ Cajun Throwdown Comittee