Luling PD sponsoring Blue Santa


LULING — The Luling Police Department has announced it is once again sponsoring the Blue Santa promotion in Luling this Christmas season. The Blue Santa promotion is designed to raise money to buy Christmas gifts and toys for local families and their children. There are a number of fundraisers scheduled to take place over the course of the next few weeks, including a “To Protect & Serve Your Dinner” at Blake’s Café on Dec. 4 and a quilt raffle hosted by HollyDee Quilts of Luling. A limited number of tickets have been printed, with one lucky winner winning a designer quilt from HollyDee on Dec. 7.

“All proceeds from the quilt raffle go directly to the Blue Santa fund,” said Denise Green, the owner of HollyDee. “We are providing Christmas gifts to over 460 kiddos and 177 families in the city of Luling, so we hope to make this a regular part of the Blue Santa program.

“We are hoping to raise over $10,000 this year between the Blake’s dinner and the raffle so we can make our local kids and families happier with lots of gifts and toys this Christmas.”

The Blue Santa program was started by the Luling Police Department with the intent of helping make Christmas a happier and more joyful time for families who are unable to provide gifts at Christmas time. Families can apply to the Luling PD for assistance, and as long as there is at least one school-age child in the house, gifts can be provided for all children in the house from the ages of 3 to 14. All families and children must live within the city limits of Luling.

According to Green, people who want to attend the dinner at Blake’s on Tuesday night, Dec. 4 will be served by police officers in uniform who are donating their time and working for tips to contribute to the fund. The raffle will be ongoing, with people able to purchase tickets at HollyDee or at Blake’s on Dec. 4. In addition, there will be a Cocoa and Carols promotion in downtown Luling on Dec. 7, with tickets available right up until the drawing.

For more information, contact the Luling Police Department or Denise Green at HollyDee Quilts at 830-875-5432.