Letter to the Editor

Man-made dams not from God


Hello friends,
When God created all the rivers and lakes he allowed for them to all flow freely and flood down in to the seas.
Modern man has decided it is good idea now to redesign God’s rivers and lakes and put dams on them. These dams are called the wonders of the world. One hundred years later, our scientists are learning there are some problems with dams. Some dams now need to be either rebuilt or removed. Some dams have overflowed too fast, or breached and caused disasters. Scientists have recently learned that rivers and natural lakes need flowing and flooding waters to keep the ecosystems in them clean and healthy. Dams obstruct that. Only God could have told man that it was a bad idea when he became a dam builder.
We all know that our scientists are some of the smartest humans around. We hire them to invent things and come up with ideas for us that are both good and bad. I think the WMPs our scientists have made for us to use against our enemies were bad ideas. Now we know that. When we invited all those weapons did we know that our enemies would end up using them against us? We weaponized rockets with nuclear bombs. We weaponized biological things like anthrax and sarin gas and now we find it in our mail and subways. Our own EMP bombs are now ready to be dropped on top of us, etc.? We now need a space forced to protect us. Really?
I think it’s a good idea now to pray that we never see a weapon of mass destruction that we invented destroy an entire nation, or some major cities. Don’t you? I think God would agree with that idea.
So, I am not a scientist; but I know the Bible well. I cannot find anywhere in the Bible where God ever told man it is a good idea to dam up rivers, or create weapons of mass destruction. I also do not see how it would be wise to build a big border wall all along the banks of a major river like the Rio Grande. Let’s think that idea through a little bit folks. I know there is about 100 miles of lake frontage on the Rio Grande and a lot more flooding zones on it. How do you build a wall along those banks? Come on y’all? I am just a farm boy here; but I think I have some common sense. That seems like a worse idea than damming up those rivers.
Just a few things to think about before doing.

Bill Ford

Editor’s Note: Bill left his phone number for those wanting to respond to this letter. Call him at 575-937-6268.