McNeil to sign with junior college

All-district athlete hopeful for D-I appearance


GONZALES — The process to making it big at the college football level will start with a junior college for Gonzales wide receiver/defensive back Trevion McNeil as the Apache announced his decision to play for Blinn College on National Signing Day last week.

The multi-sport athlete wanted to play basketball initially, but after receiving offers for football, he decided that would be the best way to reach the collegiate goals he has set for himself.

“I started the beginning of the season with not many colleges looking at me,” McNeil admitted, “and during the season they called up and I’ve had offers but I decided to go the ‘Juco’ [junior college] route, get more exposure, then maybe I can go to a big D-I after that.”

Ultimately, he decided to join Blinn because it was “close to home” and “felt like home too.”

McNeil represents a senior class that will send multiple athletes to college athletics, which many, including the Gonzales coaching staff, believes will become a trend for the Apaches.

“We’re trying to change the culture of Gonzales,” McNeil noted. “Gonzales hasn’t had a good culture, as everyone would say. But we’re changing it. We’re making it a mission for everyone to change it. We’re challenging the kids below us to change too.”

Athletic Director Kodi Crane noted during the signing ceremony the change in culture, citing the entire senior class as a reason for said change.

“I want to send out a special thank you,” he said during the ceremony to the crowd filled with mostly students. “We gave our whole senior class the challenge of changing our culture. These three guys were a huge part of that.”

McNeil wanted to thank his parents who were vital in his decision making as well as Greg Padgitt, a recruiter for Future All Stars, and Isaac Anzaldua.

McNeil has his eyes set at a degree involving agricultural business to “help my family with the family business for cattle.”

Blinn College participates in the National Junior College Athletic Association.