Publisher’s POV

New system in place for Inquirer business department


The times they are a changin' in the Gonzales Inquirer business department.

As a courtesy to our readers and business partners we thought it would only be fair to give everyone notice as to just what those changes are.

A few months ago, our parent company purchased a custom-designed QuickBooks accounting platform. At various offices throughout Texas, our platform was scrutinized, analyzed and customized. The new system is more supple, informational and responsible to our customers and our own internal needs.

With that background in mind, beginning with the Aug. 2 edition of the paper, a new billing, accounting and collection system will be implemented.

Paperless invoices will be sent out weekly, along with traditional month-end statements. E-tear sheets will be available as easy as a mouse click away. Receipts on payment can be sent out immediately.

One new aspect of our new system are the letters that will be generated for accounts receivable collections.

A reminder letter will be sent first, followed by a series of more forceful collection letters short of legal action. It is my hope that none of you get these letters because you will already have paid your bills as agreed to.

There are other nice features of the system, but we just wanted to make you aware of the coming changes before they start occurring next week

If you have specific questions please feel free to contact me, office manager Sanya Harkey or Shelly Stamport.