Nursing Care Week looks to acknowledge workers, invite guests


County commissioners signed a proclamation Monday authorizing National Skilled Nursing Care Week in Gonzales County in order to bring light to the many workers and residents in the area's local nursing facilities. Texan Nursing and Rehab Administrator Amanda Frederick was on hand for the moment and to discuss the occasion.

According to Frederick, the goal is to acknowledge the often forgotten nursing facilities, or “nursing homes,” and the residents living therein. She referenced the “faces of your childhood” that you would see if you stopped by for a visit, alluding to the many neighbors, teachers or old friends that you would recall from younger years. The goal, she said, is not to forget them.

Nursing facilities are often the final residence for many elderly patients in the community. It is easy to forget that someone you once cared about lives there, but that is attempting to be remedied through a number of activities that Texan Nursing has planned to get visitors through its doors.

During Nursing Care Week on May 13-19, daily events are planned to stimulate residents and bring a bit of happiness to their day. Each day will have a different theme with games and prizes up for grabs to the staff and residents.

Frederick's ultimate goal is to meet people who are interested in coming to volunteer. This could be as complex as helping to organize a birthday party or as simple as stopping by for a visit. One easy way, she said, was to buy an extra cup of coffee on a lunch or mail break and spend as little as 15 minutes with a resident. Even that small of a time can be enough to change the day for a staff member or one of the elderly people that live there. It doesn't have to be a “big time commitment,” she said.

And if nothing else, a simple handwritten note always works, too.

“I urge all citizens to visit a loved one, family member or friend residing in any care setting and offer a kind word, a personal touch, and spend time participating in various activities to unite those from all walks of life in need of our continuing love and support,” said County Judge David Bird in issuing the proclamation.

There are approximately 62 residents at Texan Nursing. To learn more or to find the best time to visit, call 830-672-2867.