Patek named city manager


GONZALES — Gonzales has a new city manager in Tim Patek. The former public works director for the city had been the interim manager since January upon the resignation of former city manager Sean Lally. Patek will be the third city manager of Gonzales in under two years.

He is no stranger to the inner workings of municipal governance, having 26 years of employment in city service.

“I've been in several other cities,” he said. “I was with the City of Seguin before I came here, I was with the City of Portland down by Corpus Christi, and I was with the City of El Campo.”

His new gig is a learning experience, having never held the position before. But Patek said that he's always looking to learn, listen, and do the best for Gonzales residents.

“It's going good,” he said after the first few days on the job. “We've got hurdles to jump over in certain areas. Right now we're working on the budget and will be going through budget workshops in August and will have it ready for council to look at.”

For those wondering, the city charter does state that the city manager must be a resident of Gonzales. They don't have to be when hired, but they must get here as soon as they can. Mayor Connie Kacir stated that council has given Patek a little time to make that happen.

“You have to have a residence within the city limits,” Patek said of the charter. “Once I sign the contract I have 90 days to do that, so that should not be a problem.”

Patek will be paid $100,000 per year for his work plus an annual vehicle allowance of $6,000.