Patriotic Glory

Jumpstart your Independence Day with a little God and Country


This newspaper office received a tip recently that a wild bunch was holding meetings every Monday here in town. The caller didn't elaborate, just stating that “you need to come have a look.” Then she hung up, after she politely ended the conversation.

She was right. A rowdy bunch indeed — calling themselves the Glory Bound Singers — have been holding court in the First Baptist Church each week, rehearsing for their upcoming “American Dreamers” concert.

Their musical director agrees. If you don't watch them, they're likely to get together and sing every week of the year.

“They are a rambunctious group and I really do just love each one of them,” said Worship Pastor Kevin Hoggard. “I feel blessed to have the opportunity to direct them. It's a lot of fun. I look forward to Monday nights.”

The Glory Bound Singers is a community choir that comprises folks around age 55 and up, he explained. The singers hail from different houses of worship, not just First Baptist. Included are members from the Methodist, Lutheran, and Episcopal churches, as well as other Baptist congregations from Leesville to Harwood and all over. Sunday's show will feature 40-45 singers.

The choir has been around several years but this is the first that Hoggard has helmed it. And this will mark the third performance this year. After their spring show, members approached him and asked if he'd be interested in doing more performances.

“If y'all are willing to come, I'll do it,” he said to them. “So this was how this was kind of birthed, that desire to continue the choir. Because normally we take three months off. But this year they decided to keep on going.

“This has been a lot of fun for them. It gives them something a little different, a little more of an opportunity to sing. It's been good.”

The choir is one of the most talented that he's led, he said. They are able to handle four, five, and six-part harmonies where other adult choirs are content with simple two-part harmonies. That dedication and craft has made this his favorite time of the week, besides leading worship, of course.

“It does not sound like a senior adult choir, they sound like just a normal adult choir,” he said.

Their upcoming concert follows a theme of God and country. It will be narrated by Gonzales Mayor Connie Kacir and a “red, white, and blue dessert fellowship” will be held at the conclusion. Admission is free.

“It's a patriotic musical,” he said.” It shows how God has worked throughout the history of our nation through immigration and through the different battles that our country has been through. It shows the faithfulness of God, and that's kind of the theme of the musical.”

Also on July 1, Hoggard will be celebrating his third year with the church, another reason to celebrate the day.

“Come on down and enjoy some great music,” he said. “It's all patriotic, and you'll walk away with a great experience and a feeling of pride in your country.”

And what if the singers get motivated and want to do a fourth concert this year?

“That'd be fine with me,” he said.