Project Graduation Chair gives thanks for support


Dear Editor,

In my last year as Chairperson for Project Graduation, I want to make sure some folks are recognized for their tremendous support of our students. First and foremost, I want to thank the Pilot Club of Gonzales for their amazing dedication to keeping our students safe by continuing this event for 15 years. Thank you to the entire Gonzales community for their support through financial, food and volunteer contributions! The Apache village is strong and generous! This program could not survive without your help.

Finally, I want to mention Jami Owens. She is a champion for our program from GISD. Jami personally makes sure every graduating senior has an opportunity to attend Project Graduation by arranging bus transportation to the event and ensuring that all permission slips are completed. She attends meetings for TxDOT graduation-event grants and fills out the applications. In addition to her many behind-the-scenes roles, Jaime will spend the entire night after graduation with our seniors at Disciple Oaks Retreat Center to help us ensure they get the grand sendoff that they deserve. Thank you Jaime.


Dr. Stephanie Gacke

Project Graduation Chair